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Protective Packaging for your Brand


Did you ever stop to think whether or not the protective packaging of a product also determined the success of the product? Have you considered what a difference bubble wrap or protective paper would have on the emotional response of the consumer?

Thankfully you don’t have to. A recent study was made in the USA to determine how people reacted to the various different types of protective packaging on the market. Their studies found that certain protective packaging, often hidden by the products branded outer packaging, has a big influence on the buying behaviour of the customer.

Let’s note a few things regarding the study:

  • This is by far the most obvious outcome: a damaged product, caused by a fault regarding the protective product packaging, has a detrimental effect on the customers’ buying behaviour. More than 70% of respondents felt that they would not buy from a particular brand again if they found a broken product within the packaging.
  • Protective packaging and space-filling packaging products, such as wriggly worms or paper ‘peanuts’, were least liked by consumers. The loose protective packaging made respondents feel as though the products were not adequately secured.
  • Respondents were most satisfied with air-filled protective packaging products. Enter the much-loved bubble-wrap. Strangely, customers were most happy by unwrapping products in square-shaped bubble wrap, as well as air-cushioned fillers such as rectangular air bags.
  • Respondents maintained that how well packaging protected their products is still the determining factor regarding the choice of packaging. Customers are less concerned about environmental sustainability and the ease-of-use when it comes to unpacking the product.
  • The study was done in a regulated environment whereby smart facial-recognition technology was used to track the emotions of the customers.

Protective packaging can both ruin as well as empower your product based on the choices you make when using product packaging. A happy customer is more likely to build positive brand recognition, and will likely choose your brand again because of his/her past satisfaction.

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