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Cigarette Boxes

Tobacco packaging is essential for labeling of health persuasions and helps consumer identify varies brands.

Advantageous gain of product use

Flexible tobacco packaging has become a popular selection amongst different organizations as tobacco packaging assist with formalities in many ways such as;

  • Tobacco packaging contributes to an effortless distribution and storage process.
  • Tobacco packaging is far more cost effective to manufacture.
  • Tobacco that has been inserted into quality produced tobacco packaging will not be impaired
  • Brand and heath information of various tobacco brands can be displayed effectively on tobacco packaging.

Functional use of packaging

Swiss Pac provides different tobacco packaging to satisfy various brand requisites and tobacco forms. Tobacco packaging is used for more than just primarily duties of packaging tobacco or making the distribution process less of a hassle, but is also used to indicate the different health implications one is faced with during the consumption of nicotine. Various tobacco brands are identified and recognized by consumers as a result of the effective use of tobacco packaging designs. Swiss Pac ensures that every tobacco packaging that is produced is of the highest quality, hence enhancing the durability and reliability of packaging. Tobacco packaging can be used to consume tobacco types such as;

  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • Herbal incense tobacco
  • Smokeless tobacco also known as chewing tobacco
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