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Custom Case cards

Case cards

For many years Blazepackaging has been working with our customers to deliver the best quality Case Cards available, while maintaining what we feel is the most important part of a relationship – customer service.  You desire the best possible product recognition for your brand to attract customers and get them to notice your Case Card and walk up to your display and purchase your product. Your Case Card is your image, and sometimes your only point of sale or promotional piece to reach the customer at the store or event, and therefore your Case Cards must be exceptional, eye catching and be produced to last.


With so many different subscription box companies competing for customers’ time and money, how can you craft a memorable brand experience that both retains current subscribers and attracts new ones? For the most successful subscription box companies, the box itself acts as a key brand ambassador, and investing in the right custom packaging as early as possible can be just as valuable as investing in a beautiful website. A 2013 eCommerce packaging survey by dotcom distribution revealed that nearly 40% of consumers would share a picture of a uniquely packaged online order via social media channels. Contact Our Specialist for Custom needs and our expert can make it happen for you.

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